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Cleaning Training Deluxe Kit By Cleaning Detective®

  • Cleaning Detective Deluxe Kit: Includes 1 oz Cleaning Detection Gel, 1 oz Cleaning Detection Powder, Application Brush, 9 Led Black Light, 2 oz Germ Splatter Daubber, 2 oz Germ Splatter Spray.
  • Invisible Germ Splatter
  • Germ Splatter Exposed To Black Light Glows Bright
  • Germ Splatter Continues Glowing In The Dark With No Light
  • Germ Splatter Continues Glowing In The Dark On Its Own
  • Invisible Germ Splatter Applied With Qtip Is Invisible Until Revealed With Black Light.
  • Germ Splatter Can Be Applied With A Q-Tip Or Sponge Dauber. Totally Invisible!
  • Applied With Splatter Dauber
  • Cleaning Detection Powder Glows Under Black Light Or In The Dark On Its Own. Black Light Can Expose Body Fluids & A Great Tool To Know If Staff Are Cleaning Properly.
  • Cleaning Detection Gel. Glows Bright Green With Black Light & Glows On Its Own In The Dark Once Exposed To Light.
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Product Description

Cleaning Detective® Deluxe Kit          Hazmat & Bio Hazard Training Aid

Black Light World® has now gone a step further in assisting cleaning companies & institutions by offering the "CLEANING DETECTIVE KIT®". We have taken the guess work out of did they or didn't they clean it properly. 

Our Cleaning Detective® Deluxe kit includes: (1) 1 oz bottle of Phosphorescent Cleaning Detection Powder With Brush (1) 9 LedBlack Light Flashlight, (1) 1 oz Cleaning Detective® Detection Gel, (1) Germ Splatter Dauber Applicator, (1) Sample Size 2oz Germ Splatter Spray Bottle.

Products are invisible seen only with black light. Products will also glow in total darkness once exposed to black light for inspection & training purposes.
Germ Splatter is used above however our Splatter, Detection Gel, & Detection Powder all work basically the same as shown above to remove the mystery of the products. Apply product which is invisible see pictures, expose to direct black light beam fig 2, and area will glow for several minutes on its own to see areas which were not disturbed fig 3. You will clearly see our product with black light. Black light is recommended to see actual body fluids and will energize our products faster and longer, however both will work well. Fig 4 our product in total darkness after direct light beam was applied briefly its that simple!  

Germ Splatter, Germ Powder, Germ Gel can be applied virtually anywhere unseen. After cleaning is performed areas where these products have been used can be seen with black light to determine areas were not cleaned properly. Area not cleaned will glow bright after exposed to black light. Will also glow in the dark after exposed to black light.

1). 1 oz Cleaning Detective® Detection Gel. Can make certain hidden marks of your choosing on hard surfaces, glass, metal, wood, Linen, etc,. Endless uses for invisible marking to show proper cleaning has been performed. Intended to show simulated germs for cleaning and training methods. Requires a very small amount to avoid smearing product. Used correctly it’s a cleaning tool must. Product will glow in total darkness after energized with a black light. Works best on porcelain toilets, tubs, sinks, stainless steel tables and counters and other non porous surfaces. 

2). One 9 Led Black Light. Very compact design with maximum black light output. Requires 3 AAA batteries not included. Your black light will even identify all body fluids which glow bright under black light. Many companies today use black light technology from everything from cleaning, detecting body fluids, detecting certain molds, CSI investigations, etc,. A must for cleaning inspections.

3). 1oz Contamination Cleaning Powder With Brush. Included which is virtually an invisible phosphorescent powder, when applied its easily seen under black light glowing bright green simulating germs. Can be used on virtually any thing. Methods of use for detection of our powder is up to the user. Has an unlimited amount of uses. Great for use on carpet and any surfaces. Glows in total darkness after energized with black light.

4). Sample Size 2oz Germ Splatter. Included which is virtually an invisible spray simulating contamination. Larger bottles available from our web site. Black Light/Phosphorescent highly reactive black light liquid. Glows bright under black light and in the dark after energized with our black light. Shake well prior to each use.

5). Germ Splatter Dauber. Included which is virtually an invisible liquid simulating contamination. Larger bottles available from our web site. Black Light/Phosphorescent highly reactive black light liquid. Glows bright under black light and in the dark after energized with our black light. Shake well prior to each use.

It is the user's responsibility to determine the safety, toxicity and suitability of his/her own use, handling and disposal of the product, additional product literature may be available upon request.


NOTE: All of our products work best after exposure to a direct beam of black light making them covert and undetectable. Our products are revealed with the use of a black light but also glow in the dark after black light exposure using a mixture of phosphorescent powder in our germ splatter liquid, gel, & cleaning detection powder. Black lights and other lights & filters are essential for proper cleaning and revealing body fluids


To be used under adult supervision only! Above products are very safe and non toxic, but safety while using these products should be followed. Never allow students to use if they have cuts, sores, skin conditions, dry skin, or prone to allergies or various allergic reactions. Keep away from mouth and eyes. Avoid getting on clothing, can cause permanent staining. Obtain permission from parents when training children. Never allow anyone to look directly into ANY light, which this includes our long wave black lights which are considered safe if avoiding looking directly into light.  

Disclaimer: These products are simply teaching tools to teach awareness and promote proper cleaning, hand washing, hygiene, and cross contamination. By no means does the use of these products guarantee that hands or any surfaces are clean or sanitary. They are not cleaning products but cleaning teaching tools. It is up to the instructor or user to implement the cleaning procedures they see fit and follow CDC and similar recommendations by governing bodies. We are distributors of these products and the information provided for the products on our site has been provided by the manufacturers.



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